Shooting on weekdays and times not covered by the diary will be decided by those members attending.

Unless otherwise stated experienced non-members are welcome to come and shoot at £7 per session eg 11.00 until 3.00ish.
Please note the £7 includes our insurance for the day.

Our target field and overshoot is 320 yards long so people can practice clout while others shoot short distance target ( up to 60yards). Those shooting clout/distance shoot on the left of the shooting line, target archers to the right. Those collecting clout/distance arrows leave the field upon collection and walk down the side of the field to return to the shooting line. This practice allows the target archers to shoot an end of short distance target instead of waiting for what seems ages for the distance shooters to return.
Those walking off the field signal to the Field Captain when they have safely left the shooting zone. The Field Captain will then whistle for the target archers to shoot an end.

Mind you, the distance shooters are quite often back to the shooting line while the target archers are still searching for those elusive 'hidden-in-the-grass' arrows!

In line with our constitution we need two SFers in attendance to shoot ( I note this has been adopted by the GNAS since we put it into place four years ago!).

As we do not have restricted shooting times in any way we are able to change things at very short notice if we fancy shooting anything different.

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Saturday June

The Gathering   Early setup 9 am at the latest please

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A lovely 'Christmas Card' snow scene
Barlborough Hall 20/12/2009.